Samsung Galaxy Note II Keyboard space issue

As Samsung is launching new phones in its popular Note series, the old phone in the series is getting in trouble. Recently Note II owners got new system update which was approximately 104.88 MB. This update might have bring some fixes into system but left over an irritating issue with Samsung Keyboard.

Those who have used Samsung phones, especially Note Series, might have familiar with Predictive Text feature of keyboard. This feature actually predicts what user is going to type and provide some suggestions from which user can select and also tries to predict next word user would probably use thus saving users time and energy while typing. Another good functionality with keyboard was ‘Auto Spacing’, this feature is for automatically inserting spaces between words. This both  feature together makes it super easy for user to type something.

The recent update in Samsung Galaxy Note II has introduced a bug in Auto Spacing feature that is it inserts 2 spaces instead of 1. So if you type ‘he’ it will give you suggestions ‘hello’ and when you click on suggestion it will write ‘hello  ‘; 2 spaces after hello. So a simple sentence like ” Hi, How are you?’ becomes ‘Hi , How  are  you ? ‘ with predictive text and auto spacing on. If you disable auto spacing than it does not include any space at all, so its either 2 or nothing for space. This is very annoying for those who are spending their most of time messaging and doing social updates, and using note 2 phone.

Someone has also reported a bug into Samsung developer forum, but still there is no answer from Samsung; so user’s have to wait until Samsung sends a new update which resolves this. Meanwhile there are some alternative keyboards available as suggested by some user on forum.

So if you are using Samsung Galaxy Note II, installed latest updates and now getting unwanted spaces between words than You are not alone my friend, there are lots of others out there, including me (Yes I do own Samsung Galaxy Note II).

Some people have also reported to have similar issues with other Samsung phones like S4, so this might not be only for Note II.

If anyone of you surprisingly able to find a unique and perfect solution or get latest news about this, please comment on this post so others can know as well.

Reference: Samsung Developer Forum


Update (1 Jan 2015)

Finally got a new update from Samsung and it resolved this annoying issue, now everything works perfect as far as I can see.  🙂


15 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note II Keyboard space issue

    1. Hi John,

      I didn’t received any updates yet so not sure on this. But if its still not working after new updates then it seems like we have to wait for yet another update from Samsung.

      May be we are not shouting loud enough to be audible for Samsung.

      1. Well don’t they bloody try their changes? It is quite noticeable tbh. I mean just by trying the phone, even in a very basic way, you do notice it. Like I’m sure they know about the issue yet it’s on their mid-term to-do list, I don’t know if I’m being clear, like ‘yes, we know about it, but it’s not a big deal as to make our developers fix it asap, we’ll look at it once we have fixed other worse problems’, while they just seem not to see it is QUITE a problem upon using the phone, til the point it gets so annoying you just want to stop doing things it was meant to do properly as a phablet, like mailing or writing stuff down. Not everything flies around compatibility and features and OS.

        Good post, mate.

  1. Having the same Issue, and I don’t think they will be updating to Lollipop so the Device is completely useless. Cynogenmod here i come.

    1. I received update on 1/15 and it really resolved space problem on my device and also others in my circle received same update and issues in their phone also got resolved.

  2. I just received the original update two days ago and acquired the annoying spacing issue. I did a live chat with a tech today and he drove my phone. Nothing he did fixed it. I asked over and over again if he could just send me the update. He had no clue what I was talking about. What is your most recent software version or Kernel version? Mine has clearly not been updated. Help!! It’s so maddening.

      1. I have contacted Sprint and Samsung twice. They tell me I have the most updated version of software and firmware and there is nothing else awaiting download. My issue has not been fixed. I am very, very frustrated.

  3. I’m having the same issue as others. I recently received a Samsung update (I’m in Texas, if it matters) and NOW I have the 2 space issue on my Note II. I’m not finding anything else to update it to get rid of this. Hate to say it but I’d rather have no spaces than 2 at a time. What a mess 😦

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